The below partners are the core systems and businesses that have allowed me to scale my personal business and Social Star over the last five years. I highly recommend these systems as ‘best of breed’ for corporate escapees and mature entrepreneurs.

My criteria for a partner is as follows:

  1. Intuitive and easy to use software

  2. Amazing support and training

  3. Great value for money for start up businesses

Feel free to ask me about any of these and to be transparent I am partners with some of these providers so receive compensation for purchases. However, this doesn’t count in my choice in products as we choose the best available. For instance, there is no partner program with Squarespace but we still highly recommend this service.


Go Daddy = Domains

I have worked with most of the domain and hosting providers that service Australia and I still believe Go Daddy is the best. One of the main reasons is their online functionality is top notch and they integrate wonderfully with Squarespace websites which is our partner of choice in that area.

We use them for URLs (domains) and website hosting primarily. I don’t use their website builder. I am not an affiliate, I just think they are good.

Squarespace = Websites

I have been building websites in Squarespace for over five years and love their easy to use software and design templates. There are many templated website companies but I am yet to find one better than Squarespace. We specialise in building personal websites but also have extended our services to larger companies and it scales well.

Click below to see how we use Squarespace for our clients. I am not an affiliate of Squarespace.

hubspot logo.png

HubSpot = CRM

I have been using HubSpot CRM software for over three years and love the easy to use interface and amazing support. I highly recommend starting with the free CRM and then integrating the Marketing basic module. This software use to be more expensive for start ups, but has recently become very competitive.

Click below to discuss if this CRM suits your needs and how to set it up for your business as I am a reseller and also a certified Inbound specialist so can provide you the right advice.

Andrew Ford, Podcast VA.jpg

Podcast VA = Podcast Partner

Podcast VA are my provider of services to edit, post and manage my podcast - #BYOB. You can see my podcast here. They are a fantastic supplier and one I would highly recommend when you decide a podcast is the right mode for your content. However, a podcast shouldn’t be taken lightly and it takes a bit of effort to set up with equipment, processes and the brand tone. Best to contact me to discuss prior to jumping into creating your own.

Andrew Ford, thecircle logo.jpg

The Circle = Co-working space

If you are looking for a co-working space in Melbourne, read on! Social Star moved in there January 2019 due to the convenient location in Collingwood and awesome facilities. Photography room, meditation room, gym, fully equiped kitchen to assist with event catering, boardrooms, workshop rooms, kid friendly (games room), and pet friendly! Awesome.

The staff are super friendly and very accomodating for functions and events. Check out some of the pics from our events last year - here.

Click below and Andrew can take you on a tour of the venue.

Andrew Ford, Wealth_Dynamics.jpg

There are many personality tests on the market. Of all the tests I have completed, I found the Wealth Dynamics from Roger Hamilton to be the most useful and effective for entrepreneurs. It combines the traditional psychometric information from Myers-Briggs plus eastern i-Ching to create something that is unique. The information assists you in understanding your best role in a business to get into flow and has practical implementation advice that is easy to apply.

Click below to do your test.

Social Media College is the accredited course owner of 10118NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing,  

Australia's first and only formal qualification in social media marketing, and the first of its kind anywhere in the world.Through its partnerships with public and private Colleges, we provide students with a world-class education in content, social media, and email marketing.

The key principles and practical elements of the Diploma have been synthesized into the Social Media Marketing Intensive, a practical and highly engaging 8-week course delivered purely online via our interactive learning management software.

Andrew Ford, MoonClerk-logo1.png

MoonClerk is the easiest payment gateway I have found. It seemlessly integrates with Stripe for Squarespace websites and the user interface is so simple and friendly, you can set up once off or recurring payments payments literally while you talk to clients. Give it a try.