Free Your Time 

If you have ever had 'Mondayitis', 'Humpday' or said 'ThankGodIt'sFriday' then read on...

Working for someone else has it's benefits, stable pay, regular holidays and you can leave the stress at the office. don't have one thing that matters most. Control of your time.

Are you able to...

- Leave the office when you feel like it?

- Work with people who lift you up and inspire you?

- Do the type of work that fulfils you and makes you jump out of bed each day?

If the answer is no, perhaps it's time to consider a change.

Change is scary, but let's face the facts.  The days of secure and long-term employment are behind us.

Over 50% of the workforce in the USA is contingent, (contracted not employed), and the trend is escalating in Australia. You are only one restructure away from being retrenched or 'downsized'. Artificial Intelligence, robotics and outsoucing job overseas is increasing dramatically.

So what's the alternative?

Be Your Own Boss 

What does freedom look like? It looks like being your own boss. You can still be employed but the difference is you are in control of your career, not your company.

What does freedom look like?

...freedom to see your kids when you want too

...freedom to work with people who share your values

...freedom to do the work you enjoy the most

In reality, we are all independent consultants selling our services for a price; it doesn't really matter if it's for one company (job) or many (business owner). The result is the same, you get paid for the level of value you add to the businesses you serve. However, one big difference is the control of your time.

Building your personal brand is the best investment you can make in your career

How do you answer the question - "What do you do?" 

If you answer with your job title, how will you progress? How will someone see your full value?

Understanding your core value proposition and developing quality online branding assets around your value is the path to Being Your Own Boss, controlling your career and having freedom of time. 

But how?

After working with hundreds of corporate workers seeking more from their career, we developed a unique 12 step system to create your time freedom. We call this system...

Andrew ford, Social Star, e-ttraction


Click below to find out what e-ttraction is, how it can help you and join us in the career revolution! 

My mission is to empower everyone to follow their passion and work in a career they love
— Andrew Ford

Do what you love. Love what you do.

My business portfolio

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Andrew started Social Star in 2011 with the purpose of applying his knowledge of corporate digital marketing & social media for the benefit of entrepreneurs and corporate escapees. Social Star specialises in building people's personal brands to build their own passion business.



Andrew has recently been appointed an ambassador for a new fitness program called Better Body 12 Weeks or BB12W for short. In this program Andrew helps busy dads find ways to keep their waistline in check whilst working hard, spending time with their kids and still enjoying a beer! 

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Beer is as ancient as the pyramids and close to Andrew's heart being an Australian. He loves beer so much that he developed his very own mobile application 'Closest Beer' to ensure he can always find one when required!

Social Star University

Want to get to the next level in your career or explore starting your own business? Take our 12 week online program and learn how.

Our unique e-ttraction™ methodology is designed to help you better Understand how to articulate your personal brand, Build an effective online profile on LinkedIn, social media and websites, and Leverage your network to attract more opportunities.

There are three courses available. Career Boost, to help you attract the ultimate job to suit you.

 Launch a Business, if you want to explore starting your own business or if you already have a business but want to learn how to utilise your personal brand better. 

Don’t wait another year before going after your dream career or starting that passion business!

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Creating a Powerful Brand

'It's not just business, it's personal'

Powerful Brands attract more opportunities, are more profitable and have longer lasting value. With social media now ingrained in our society, branding applies equally to people as it does to companies and products. For years Andrew has worked in large corporations to build their brands and he now choose to work with you.

If you’re a student, entrepreneur, small business owner, celebrity, high profile businessperson or a manager at a large business – Andrew can help. The theory and strategies of Powerful Branding are universal as we all have similarities.

Andrew truly believes his work can help you create more fulfilling career, a happier life and in some small way make the world a better place.  That’s why he spent 18 months writing this book; to share his experiences and learnings with as many people as possible. Thus if you do buy a copy please do read it, absorb the contents and then pass it onto someone you think needs to find their path again.

creating a powerful brand
Knowledge is a gift and this is my one for you. Enjoy!
— Andrew Ford


I write about business, family, keeping fit and my experiences and philosophies developed over my life. Click on the related image below to read some of my blogs. Enjoy!









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