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Thanks for stopping by my profile and reading about my mission to help 1,000,000 people to get into their dream career by 2020. 

It's a big, hairy and audacious goal!  One which I feel inspired to work on each and every day as I believe if you love your work, you will love your life just that little bit more. 

The problem is that too many people are getting up each day hating their work. It impacts their mental state, their relationship with partners and children even their health. It wears them down little by little over the years until they can't take it anymore.  They are dying at 40, but being buried at 80. I've seen it happen. The crazy thing is it doesn't have to be like that. There is another way!

The solution is to Understand thy self. Then Build your personal brand to attract new opportunities and Leverage your profile to get a job you love. If you are a business, use this system to get your people into the right jobs. They will be more motivated and produce better results.

Why me? After years of consulting, coaching and mentoring I have developed a system that helps people with this process. I call it e-ttraction - the science of digital attraction. We have been using this system with our clients for the past three years with students, professionals and business people with some amazing results.

I'm excited to be building a new platform, Social Star University, to help more people build a powerful personal brand and awesome career! Filling the gap between my consulting and my book to help more people.

No more Mondayitis, hump day and TGIF! 

Join me below and make a difference to many by investing in yourself.


Do what you love. Love what you do.

My business portfolio

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Andrew started Social Star in 2011 with the purpose of applying his knowledge of corporate digital marketing & social media for the benefit of entrepreneurs and high profile people. Social Star specialises in building people's personal brands to boost their career or start their own passion business.


Andrew has recently been appointed an ambassador for a new fitness program called Better Body 12 Weeks or BB12W for short. In this program Andrew helps busy dads find ways to keep their waistline in check whilst working hard, spending time with their kids and still enjoying a beer! Click here to visit the website and find out more.

World ventures

World Ventures is the largest direct travel organisation in the world. Be your own travel agent with huge discounts on travel and bonus of growing a business when you do. Imagine Groupon, Costco and Expedia all rolled into one!

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Beer is as ancient as the pyramids and close to Andrew's heart being an Australian. He loves beer so much that he developed his very own mobile application 'Closest Beer' to ensure he can always find one when required!

Creating a Powerful Brand

'It's not just business, it's personal'

Powerful Brands attract more opportunities, are more profitable and have longer lasting value. With social media now ingrained in our society, branding applies equally to people as it does to companies and products. For years Andrew has worked in large corporations to build their brands and he now choose to work with you.

If you’re a student, entrepreneur, small business owner, celebrity, high profile businessperson or a manager at a large business – Andrew can help. The theory and strategies of Powerful Branding are universal as we all have similarities.

Andrew truly believes his work can help you create more fulfilling career, a happier life and in some small way make the world a better place.  That’s why he spent 18 months writing this book; to share his experiences and learnings with as many people as possible. Thus if you do buy a copy please do read it, absorb the contents and then pass it onto someone you think needs to find their path again. Knowledge is a gift and this is my one for you.


creating a powerful brand


I write about business, family, keeping fit and my experiences and philosophies developed over my life. Click on the related image below to read some of my blogs. Enjoy!









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