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Knowledge is power and I invite you to give a free copy of my book to someone who needs a brand boost. I wrote this book to be a blueprint for corporate escapees to build their own consulting business. It’s a step by step guide to Building Your Own Business based on the principles of personal branding.

Buy a hardcopy for yourself and gift one to someone who needs one.

Creating a Powerful Brand

'It's not just business, it's personal'

Powerful Brands attract more opportunities, are more profitable and have longer lasting value. With social media now ingrained in our society, branding applies equally to people as it does to companies and products. For years I worked in large corporations to build their brands and I now choose to work with you.

If you’re a student, entrepreneur, small business owner, celebrity, high profile businessperson or a manager at a large business – I can help. The theory and strategies of Powerful Branding are universal as we all have similarities. That said, we are also individuals and so the application of that theory varies so if you have questions regarding any area of my book, I welcome them on my blog or social media. 

creating a powerful brand

Why you should read this book?  

You should grab a copy of this book if you looking to attract career opportunities or generate business referrals. In this guide,  you will learn: 

  1. What the digital revolution means for you. With job security a thing of the past, you need to update your mindset to thrive.

  2. Uncovering your brand personality as knowing thyself is the first step towards a fulfilling life.

  3. The three paths towards attracting business. Know the framework and leverage it to your unfair advantage.

  4. How to construct your personal brand by starting on the right social media platforms.

What do readers say about this book? 

“Andrew guides you what you need to do to communicate a strong, consistent message to anyone who finds you online.”

Christina Chanters, Founder of Design Draw Speak

”This book goes through case studies and practical examples, not to mention the many precious tips about social media.”

Gianluigi Bortoluzzi, Product Developer