Better Body 12 weeks

More than your average exercise program


Better Body 12 Weeks provides you with a comprehensive program to train you on the four key areas needed to achieve greater health: mindset, exercise, diet and check-ins. With a variety of coaches to choose from you will find one that inspires you to get back to your best.

By following the consistent methodology over 12 weeks you will look and feel better, plus learn lessons to apply to your life in the long term. Health is not an option. Being healthy enough to give you the energy to live your life to the full requires effort and knowledge.

Our programs are carefully designed to provide you with the information you need to create a better life. In 12 weeks you will set the habits to achieve a better body, greater health and feel amazing. We wish you luck on your adventure! Some of the program features are…

  • Choose the coach that best suits you. Most programs only have one option, we have many. Try a few and find the program that best suits your life.
  • Your coach is there to keep you on track. Each week you will receive a motivational video right in your email inbox.

  • Receive a comprehensive eBook with advice from your coach on how to get your best body.

  • Expert tips from those with experience. Our knowledgeable personal training master and expert nutritionist will give you the tips to maximise the benefits of your program.

  • See how our coaches really keep in such good shape. Peek into their lives with insights into their exercise and diets and apply their success to your life.

I was grateful to be invited to help build the program through my digital agency Social Star and contribute my program for busy dads.

Join the community and get your better body started today!

Real people, Real results

The difference with BB12W compared to other exercise programs is the variety of coaches. We know that you need to resonate with your coach in order to get the results. So instead of applying the same formula to different people, at BB12W you can choose the coach that suits you.

Take the best from their program and then do another!

Check out the great coaches below.

Glenn Manton

Are you ready to get serious? 

Hi I’m Glenn Manton and if you want to push your performance to an elite level then this program is for you.

After playing AFL, soccer and basketball at the top level, I know what it takes to be at your physical best.

I am now a successful speaker and coach, but I am still passionate about health & fitness and still push myself to the limits.

Join me and learn my secrets to high performance over the next 12 weeks.

Be your best, Glenn


Miss Filly

Are you ready to get fit and have fun? 

Hi, my name is Philippa Rasidi, otherwise known as Miss Filly. I’m a professional competitive pole dancer. If you love fun and you’re up for this challenge, this program is for you!

I was artistic and creative growing up, sport and keeping fit just didn’t appeal to me. I ended up going along to a pole dancing session with my sister because she seemed to be having so much fun at these classes, I thought I’d try it; a whole world opened up before me.

My Program is about lifestyle change. It’s about formulating a program that is manageable and accessible. Keeping it simple is my aim because it needs to be doable. Once things start getting complicated, that’s when people abandon their good intentions. You’ll find the program is easy to follow and based around some basic principles.

Best of luck and enjoy, Miss Filly.

Andrew Ford

Ossie Khan

Do it for your kids,

It’s a pleasure to share my health and exercise tips with you. If you are a busy dad, perhaps over 40,
you will appreciate how hard it is to keep the weight off and stay fit. For the last 20 years I have been
working on my program to keep in maximum shape in minimal time. Join me and I will show you that it
is possible to get back to your 20’s waste line with a bit of focus and effort.

I look forward to working with you over the next 12 weeks.

Cheers Andrew!

Are you ready to get adventurous? 

Hi, I’m Ossie Khan and the founder of Experience Series, which promotes adventure sports globally through film-making.

I am also a father with a nine-year-old son, teaching me to have the most richest experiences possible. To keep myself in good health and fitness, I train at a cross-fit gym and have a very deep passion for food and love being in the kitchen.

Join me and learn my secrets to high performance over the next 12 weeks.

Be your best, Ossie.