yana martens

#BYOB Episode 006 - Yana Martens: Learn to pose in front of a camera from a Russian model and entrepreneur

Yana Martens has combined her psychology studies and modelling experience to create a business on her terms. She understands both sides of the camera and now helps photographers and those in front of the camera to get the images they want in her Posing People Workshops and mentoring.

It is said you only have 4-8 seconds to make a first impression, especially with your photos.  We discuss techniques to get images that help to reflect your personal brand and capture the essence of your why. Plus, we learn how to take the perfect selfie!

We chat about her journey as a start-up entrepreneur and the current challenges she is facing in scaling her workshop business.   Knowing the balance between doing things yourself in start up mode and when is the right time to outsource. We also cover why systems and processes are critical when wanting to grow your business and the security of having other forms of income when starting out.

You can contact Yana on FacebookWebsite or Email:  yanamartens@gmail.com