Sometimes business works out and sometimes it doesn't!

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A few years ago a client approached me to create a 12-week health program as they were on trend. Michelle Bridges was smashing out her program and Kayla Itsines was the new starlet on the block. Both were making tens of millions a year with their body transformation programs. Seriously.

In fact, I heard from a reliable source that a few years ago Kayla was Australia's highest spender on Facebook marketing. That's including all the big companies!

I was excited by the project and loved creating our unique formula. Honest advice, not clickbait promises of rock hard abs in a few weeks with little effort. The strategy was not to tell you what to do, but get people who were like you and show how they maintain fitness and health.

To attract other coaches I filmed my own program as a sample and invited some of my network to join too. My program was for busy dads. Glen Manton for mature athletes post-retirement. Ossie Khan was an extreme athlete from sky diving to wingsuits, showcasing keeping safe and preparing your body for adventure sports. Miss Filly, for those aspiring girls who dance with poles for fitness and so on. We were going to have a niche coach for all segments of the market, backed up by expert advice from a Personal Trainer and Dietitian.

We were attracting a lot of attention but unfortunately, the client ran out of money (passion) for the project and pulled it before we fully launched. I attribute these issues to the core reason most businesses fail - lack of commitment to the goal. If your heart isn't really in it, you will quit when it gets hard.

The lesson for me was to ensure people have a massive 'Why' before starting a project or they will give up when the 'How' gets too hard.

Hence, my focus on a thorough Understand session as the first workshop with my new clients. Once you figure out the deep why people have and tap into that as a resource, the how becomes something they can achieve with some guidance.

Without the why, it's just a money grab and if a better investment comes along, you will pivot or give up completely.

So is your why worth the pain or starting your own business? I suggest answering that before jumping out of your job. If you don't know what your why is, come see me and I will help you figure it out!

To your health,


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