elphie coyle

#BYOB Episode 010 - Elphie Coyle: Creating a team around your personality is essential to start up success


Elphie Coyle is master at knowing his strengths and how to build a team around his weaknesses. Hear his journey to entrepreneurship and how his particular background and style is reflected in all his businesses.

We discuss how he uses 5 freedom areas as his guiding principles in life and business and the impact owning a computer at the age of 7 kicked off of his entrepreneurial journey. 

Listen as we dive deep into the mind game that is entrepreneurship and how choosing to work allowed him to escape a self-imposed freedom trap.  He shares how his relationship with money has changed, mentors that have shaped his thinking, the importance of knowing your numbers and what it took for him personally and professionally to come back from the brink of losing everything.  

"Dance in divine love with the moment, whilst building keystone performance habits towards our best vision, integrating our past & preparing for the worst through total self sustainability."
- Elphie Coyle