#BYOB Episode 012 - Morry Morgan: How to transition between different businesses at different stages of life


Today on the podcast we have a laugh with Morry Morgan as we explore his entrepreneurial story and what led him to cofound a comedy school having never been a comedian himself.

He shares his learnings from living and owning a business in China and how his teaching background and an on-stage technical failure lead him to create The School of Hard Knock Knocks.



What is covered in this episode:

  • How his entrepreneurial journey has led him to create a business around teaching comedy and being a 'bucket list ticker'.

  • The impact going to China and leaving Australia had on his business journey.

  • The challenges of running and owning a business in China.

  • How you recover from storms can define you as an entrepreneur.

  • Testing your product in a market where you are unknown.

  • How an 'onstage fail' inspired him to learn the act of comedy.

  • How experiencing a poor customer journey led him to start the School of Hard Knock Knocks.

  • Understanding the impact that Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) can have on the growth of your business.

  • How podcasting helped Morry to reach KOLs in the comedy industry.

  • The future focus of scaling up his business to different locations.

  • How he is re-purposing his content across SHKKs social media.

  • The importance of looking after his past students and how that helps with new referrals and word of mouth.

Links mentioned in the show:

The School of Hard Knock Knocks