Apple Vs Lenovo/Microsoft laptop - Can You go back after going Mac?

How much do you love your computer?

As Founder and Personal Brand Consultant  at Social Star which specialises in crafting peoples online brands, my computer IS my business. I am pretty much always on my computer. It's where I wrote my book, blogs, look at pictures of my kids and work with my clients.  Even when asleep it is next to me whilst I dream of writing biographies and building websites - sad but true! Those of you who are digital professionals will understand...

So when Lenovo contacted me to be part of their ambassador program for a new notebook I thought to myself;

 "How could I possibly give up my beloved Apple Macbook Air? "

What would the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro be like and could I return to Windows after missing the whole Windows 8 thingy. 


Let's back up a bit. How did I happen to get this new and free Lenovo notebook shipped to my door? Well after deciding to post my full blogs on LinkedIn instead of my personal website, I must have attracted some attention from the folks at Lenovo. Phew, lucky for me as I teach my clients the benefits of attraction marketing so I'm grateful to show it working! 

But it wasn't just because of my steely good looks that Lenovo contacted me, as much as my mum insists that's the case. It's more likely because I once worked for IBM, who made these laptops, before they sold off the personal computing division to Lenovo in 2005. Plus I worked at Hewlett Packard for 8 years so have an affiliation with Windows computers, which might be the real reason I got in Lenovo's good books. 

Basically I was an IBM and Windows advocate who thought of Apple products as overrated. Then one day I arrived at a new job as Marketing Manager for a large IT company and they thought I must be 'cool' and love Apple. Thus on my first day my office looked like a an Apple catalogue had vomited it's white products all over my desk.  Macbook Air 14", Thunderbolt big screen, iPhone 5 and all the white cables and connectors you like. Awesome, except I didn't know how to use them. 

I gradually became familiar with the functionality and grew to love Apple products. I came over from the dark side and became one of those Apple people, writing books in coffee shops and espousing the benefits of no viruses, quite computing and long battery life - until the Lenovo challenge. 

The big question is can I go back to Windows and Lenovo after the last three years with Apple?

This was my thought today when my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro arrived and it sat next to my trusty Apple Macbook Air. Then I had an idea, I thought of a challenge. I have read it takes 21 days to break a habit so I am going on a 21 day challenge to see if there is life after Mac and I can truly answer the question is Apple still better than the rest.

I plan to devise a multitude of tests to see which one really is the King of notebooks. You have seen Tough Mudder, well this is going to be tougherer...

You can follow my progress and recommend ways to challenge these two big brands to see who is really the best, at my blog, Twitter @sirford, or LinkedIn.

Wish me luck! 

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