Flow is a game-changer for your business, but how do you get more of it?

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Sitting at a cafe on a lazy Sunday watching all the families wrestle their kids into breakfast and all the other parents escaping for a coffee and paper read. I feel a bit different and unusual with my laptop out, headphones in (Metallica thank you very much), sucking down a large amount of caffeine and finishing my Flow consulting course. But then, I have always felt a bit different...

Anyone with me? Or have I lost those that feel like weekends are for chillaxing and work is confined to Monday to Friday never to cross into 'personal' time.

But this pretty much my routine, it's where I feel in the zone. I do my best work when I have space and time to think and do whatever work I feel like doing, without deadlines and emails pinging every few minutes. It's my time and I love it! I even take holidays to get more of it!

Maybe I need a hobby (or a life) haha But my business is my work and my hobby. I genuinely love it and really enjoy tweaking and improving it bit by bit. Learning something new, implementing it with my clients and seeing how it helps them. I can't help thinking about it! Call me obsessed or crazy (many do) but it's just how I am. My top value is business so duh I like to work.

But why am I addicted to doing this? Why can't I just binge on some Netflix and junk food?

The answer is Flow.

It's my latest fascination. Flow is a peak performance state that is normally reserved for athletes and special forces teams, not spoken so much in business, but it should be. If you haven't read the book 'Stealing Fire' about flow then get a copy, it's crazy good.

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The reason it's so addictive is that it gives us physical rewards. Getting into flow releases the big 4 feel-good chemicals - dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. It is literally addictive like a party drug, but free, healthy and even productive!

You will know when you are in Flow when time slides by without you noticing it, everything feels Timeless, Effortless, Richness, Selflessness. You feel great, you want to help everyone, you feel grateful and your work is awesome. Give me some more of that!!

The benefits of finding your Flow are remarkable, yet people don't spend time learning how to get these rewards in their work. So they chase the same feeling in unproductive and sometimes costly habits like shopping, drugs, TV, junk food, social media and more.

But it doesn't have to be that way. If more people understood that EVERYONE could find flow in work, imagine how fulfilled they would be. How their enjoyment of work would improve, their relationships, their finances even their health.

Love your work and you will never work a day in your life is an old adage and it's true. But how? That's the $500 question, which is exactly how much I charge to find your flow haha (excuse my shameless plug).See my website here for details.

But seriously, if you are not loving your work, do something about it. Read 'Stealing Fire', research more on how to find your Flow and start the process of getting more in your work life.

Cheers Andrew

PS Check out Roger Hamiltons video on how to get into flow

Ensure you can be found on Google for the right things

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The importance of Google when someone refers you to a colleague is vital to that new client contacting you.

Most people realise the importance of Google when applying for jobs or getting clients for their business, it's pretty obvious right. But from my experience of dealing with hundreds of business leaders, most don't know what Google says about them. So I ask you, have you Googled yourself lately? If you haven't, pause and do that now...

What did you find? Were LinkedIn and your website first and second links? If not, did your brand get confused with someone else with the same name? Perhaps you changed your name when you got married or moved countries or everyone knows you by your nickname. Maybe you can't be found at all!

In all of these situations, someone who doesn't know you, but has been referred for your service is making a snap judgment about you by what they find. So what do they perceive about you? If you can't be found, perhaps your not that good or successful. If there is negative links attached to your name, they might assume it is about you, when it isn't. If they got Facebook as the first link, does it help them make a decision to work with you?

They are likely to have had a few referrals for the service they want to purchase so you get about 5 -10 seconds to impress them. Or not...

You can't control their perception, but you can modify what they find in Google. In this, and the next few blogs, we will piece together a solution to this important problem. Here is the first few tips...

Do great work

Before you start to modify your Google links, it’s important to realise that you will only be recommended if you do great work. You need to delight your current clients, otherwise, they will not talk about you with enthusiasm. Without providing quality work as the basis for your referral, the Google effort will be wasted. So ensure you get this right first.

A great way to measure your referral readiness is to ask the ‘Ultimate Question’. This one survey question called the Net Promoter Score which trumps all others according to the creator Fred Reichheld, who wrote a whole book on the topic!

You can read a review of this book here, but to make it easy for you to adopt this method into your personal marketing, begin asking your clients this question:

‘Out of 10, how likely would you be to recommend me to your friend or client?’

If you score between 0-6, you get a negative point, 7-8 is neutral and 9-10 is a positive point.

Add them all together and you have an easily measurable score on how others perceive your work. This is a very short summary of a complex system, so check their website if you are interested in learning more.

Know what they are searching for

Most people don't realise that there are three ways clients can find you:

  1. Your name

  2. Your business name, and

  3. Your product name.

It's important you can be found for all three but it depends on the type of business you run. For service providers in 85% of cases, they will refer you by your name. e.g. your local accountant, business coach or lawyer. For mid to larger companies it might be a referral to the organisation such as KPMG. For other companies that are more product based it could be the product itself, such as the Key Person of Influence Program (KPI). All of these are service-based businesses, the difference is what emphasis the owners put on which element of their brands.

The most compelling brand arrangement is to be referred and respected for all three! A difficult task to be sure but one worth aspiring too if you have ambitions of building a large business in the future.

The classic example is Steve Jobs, Apple, and iPhone. Or more locally Daniel Priestley, Dent, Key Person of Influence. Jules Lund, Tribe, Tribe Influencer app. (Luckily I have written blogs about all three!)

It's best to understand what Google says about all three brands you have. Furthermore, if you have multiple businesses and many products you will have a lot more searches to be known for.

Let me illustrate what I mean by using my brand as an example. I am a consultant and thus deal directly with clients so get many referrals for my name 'Andrew Ford' so if you Google me, I will come upon page one for LinkedIn, my personal website www.andrewford.com.au and a few other links. There are photos of my image on the page and also a Google Business Listing on the right-hand side. Hopefully, if someone is looking for me, they can easily find me.

I also get referrals for my businesses "Social Star" and "BYOB Social Club". When you Google those words the websites come up first due to natural SEO as they are a direct hit for the search term and not many people have the same names. That is why choosing a name that you can 'own' on the web is so important.

However, when we get to product searches this is where it gets tricky. Social Star provides personal branding services and BYOB Social Club is a business networking group. If you Google those words we don't come up high at all! In fact, depending on the geographic location you search from and your previous browsing history, we might not appear.

Therefore, if we were getting referrals for our products only because we failed to create strong personal brands or business, we have to spend a lot of money to stand out from the competition on Google AdWords or Facebook marketing.

Plus, these referrals don't have a preference for our specific service. They only want a product so they are more price-sensitive and less loyal than someone who really wants Andrew Ford or Social Star.

It’s important that you can be found for all three searches so over the next three blogs we will provide details on how to maximise each one.  



PS Can't wait for the next blog to come out? Love your motivation! Head to our website and grab a copy of the eBook with all the content free here.

How to get a few more Referrals in your business - my top 10 tips

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Over the last 10 years, social media and Google and mobile technology have massively changed the way we communicate and do business. No big surprise there. The biggest surprise, however, is the way people get information and network in just the last few years.

If you run your own small business, the best clients are hard to reach out to. LinkedIn is getting super busy, Facebook ads work but are expensive and are not suitable for all markets. So the best way to get clients is a good old fashion referral. But how do you get more of these?

Referrals are gold! They are the free-kick of sales. A pre-qualified connection contacts you to see how you can assist them. They have a defined need, some trust of you from the person who referred you and wants to take action now! If you are not getting referrals, one reason could be your service isn't outstanding. The other reason is you don't have a quality online brand.

The difference today compared to 10 years ago is that the vast majority of people will do their research on anyone recommended to them prior to making contact. That means people are Googling your name; whether you're ready for it or not. The best opportunities start with a referral, and the best way to get more referrals is to have an attractive (or e-ttractive as we call it!) online brand.

How to build an e-ttractive and authentic personal brand?

It’s no longer your choice to have an online brand or not. Whether it’s your Facebook or Instagram page or LinkedIn profile, we all have an online presence. The challenge is how you use it to attract the opportunities you want.

Even if you choose not to be online, that creates a brand impact about you, of being conspicuous by your absence. Are you considered ‘behind the times’ because you don’t have LinkedIn or just a social person who is not serious about business, if all you have is Facebook or Instagram? It’s all about perception and “what Google says about you” is most people's first perception of you.

Luckily what appears in Google can be controlled.

I’m sure many people would be thinking, this is all too hard! Or I don’t know much about digital so how can I manage Google? I understand. However, it’s better to manage your online brand for the benefit of your career and business, rather than leaving it to chance.

We are here to help!

For most people, the starting point is to know what your online brand is right now?

To find out, simply type your name into Google and you will see what others see. Can you even be found?

What is the top link? Does it represent what you would like your potential employers or customers to see? Any photos that you would rather not be there.

Do you like what you see?

If not, don’t panic! We have a solution for you...

Download our top 10 tips to build and manage an attractive online brand for your career success to beat the competition. In it, you will find...

1. How to be found on Google

2. Maximise your personal SEO

3. Optimise your business presence on Google to attract referrals

4. Get found for your niche job, product or service

5. Build a website that performs

6. Using personal social media for your business and career benefit

7. Getting prospects to connect with you online

8. Create a clear call-to-action (CTA) for your personal and business brand

9. Email segmentation for effective communications

10. Leverage your brand with paid advertising

Get it now from the Social Star website and don't worry, we will badger you to buy something. We don't even ask for your email address! If you want some more help, you will contact us :)

Cheers Andrew

PS If you do want some more personal help. Try out 20min free online brand review by clicking here.


Sometimes business works out and sometimes it doesn't!

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A few years ago a client approached me to create a 12-week health program as they were on trend. Michelle Bridges was smashing out her program and Kayla Itsines was the new starlet on the block. Both were making tens of millions a year with their body transformation programs. Seriously.

In fact, I heard from a reliable source that a few years ago Kayla was Australia's highest spender on Facebook marketing. That's including all the big companies!

I was excited by the project and loved creating our unique formula. Honest advice, not clickbait promises of rock hard abs in a few weeks with little effort. The strategy was not to tell you what to do, but get people who were like you and show how they maintain fitness and health.

To attract other coaches I filmed my own program as a sample and invited some of my network to join too. My program was for busy dads. Glen Manton for mature athletes post-retirement. Ossie Khan was an extreme athlete from sky diving to wingsuits, showcasing keeping safe and preparing your body for adventure sports. Miss Filly, for those aspiring girls who dance with poles for fitness and so on. We were going to have a niche coach for all segments of the market, backed up by expert advice from a Personal Trainer and Dietitian.

We were attracting a lot of attention but unfortunately, the client ran out of money (passion) for the project and pulled it before we fully launched. I attribute these issues to the core reason most businesses fail - lack of commitment to the goal. If your heart isn't really in it, you will quit when it gets hard.

The lesson for me was to ensure people have a massive 'Why' before starting a project or they will give up when the 'How' gets too hard.

Hence, my focus on a thorough Understand session as the first workshop with my new clients. Once you figure out the deep why people have and tap into that as a resource, the how becomes something they can achieve with some guidance.

Without the why, it's just a money grab and if a better investment comes along, you will pivot or give up completely.

So is your why worth the pain or starting your own business? I suggest answering that before jumping out of your job. If you don't know what your why is, come see me and I will help you figure it out!

To your health,


PS You can still see my eBook on my website and download free - https://www.andrewford.com.au/andrew-ford

It's me birthday...and like 50 cent says "We gon' party like it's yo birthday"

Happy birthday to me!! Haha

party like it's your birthday.jpg

Turning 40ish for the nth time makes a man reflect on his situation and what the last year has brought him. So please excuse the self indulgent post today, but there are several people I want to thank for making this year meaningful.

Firstly, I want to give a shout out to my kids Hudson and Spencer as they light up my life like no other. It’s the simple things that make it awesome: we listen to Aussie rock, shoot nerf darts at each other, go camping, wrestle, watch superhero movies and just do guy things. So much fun!! Bummer they are taller and faster than me now!

Secondly, my sister Petie and Matt her husband have been a remarkable support for me and the boys. Always lending a hand and with a big smile and offering a beer. Their awesome people.

Thirdly, I met a special someone mid last year and she is a remarkable woman. Jin is an inspiring woman with a work ethic I haven’t seen in many entrepreneurs, a deep love of her family and (lucky for me) gorgeous too :) Love you babe x

Finally, there are so many other people that have given me a boost over the last year. All my staff and clients, my mates, my siblings, supporters on social and more. I can’t list everyone as so many!

I believe there is always balance in life so know that for all things that are perceived as good have equal amounts of perceived challenge. Hence the yin & yang tattoo on my left wrist!

This year also brought some tough challenges, especially with a special member of my family being not well. It’s hard, but you got to work through these things and remain positive. Take the blessings from all things.

So with my birthday only a few hours away, I say thank you to each and everyone of you who has made the last 365 days totally awesome!!

Andy xo

PS If you want to catch up for a drink on Wednesday night I’m having a work/social drinks in Fitzroy, all welcome! Here are the deets…BYOB event


Go, go, go, go go, go, go, shawty
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's yo birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday
And you know we don't give a fuck
It's not your birthday!

50 Cent…


Andrew Ford, Social Star, Lynn Garbers BYOB27.png

Lynn Garbers, President of Eagle Achievements, shares her story from being an enterprising kid at the age of 8 to having a business and becoming a successful coach. She has educated herself through the process and has gone through several career switches before ending up doing what she really loved. And in this episode, she shares with us her interesting journey that led her to where she is today.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Lynn’s background and the services she offers.

  • Her interesting job and entrepreneurial history.

  • Her turning point to having her own business and the story of how she became a coach.

  • The strategies she uses in her services.

  • A background on her clients.

  • Lynn’s advice for people who want to develop their career.

Links Mentioned:

Eagle Achievements



Andrew Ford, Social Star, BYOB 26.png

In this solo episode, we cover the step 2 of leveraging your digital profile by producing content that is helpful, valuable and creates traction. We discuss the importance of what, where and why we need to post your content.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Things you need to know about the business and business owner before creating their content

  • Kinds of content that businesses can make and recommendations for creating video, blogs and posts.

  • Starting and posting blogs to help your SEO.

  • How to choose which social media platform to use when posting your content.

  • The importance of having your target audience understand what you do.

  • Ideas to help you attract and gravitate people towards your business.

  • Framing content in the sales process.

  • The benefits of podcasting for your business.

  • Sneak peek on the next episode: Pitching


Andrew Ford, Social Star with Mandy Nolton BYOB 25.png

Mandy Nolton, Founder of Rec Relief and Managing Director at Rec People, shares her story in this episode and talks about her journey from university to building her own business and the experiences she went through getting to where she is today. Mandy is very passionate about her work with local government in the recreation and leisure space. She is currently in the process of building her new business Rec People.

In this episode I cover:

  • Mandy’s business and services.

  • The story of her first job and how she was led to work in recreation.

  • The benefits of loving and enjoying what you do.

  • Business as a merged lifestyle with clients becoming friends.

  • Her journey to starting her own business.

  • Getting a business coach to help run her business.

  • How to know the right time to start a business.

  • The experience that taught Mandy to just push on and carry on despite challenges in her business and life.

  • Advice for people who want to start a business.



Rec Relief

Mandy Nolton LinkedIn

Darren Bourke Website


Andrew Ford, Social Star, BYOB+24.png

In this solo episode, we will continue talking about the 12-step process of building your own business, becoming a corporate escapee and building the lifestyle you want. We will focus on the first stage of leveraging your digital profile and what we need to do in this part of the process.

What is covered in this episode:

  • What is the Leverage stage and how does it relate to the first stage of the process?

  • The reasons why businesses fail.

  • A discussion on the first stage of leveraging your digital profile - Connections.

  • Understanding and identifying your target market.

  • The importance of building connections.

  • 4 steps of the sales process.

Links mentioned in the show:

e-ttraction Templates

What's on YOUR bucket list? (apart from wine...)

Andrew Ford, Ben Coyle, bucket list .jpeg

Friend: What the hell is a bucket list?

Me: It's a life plan dedicated to fun, rather than tasks.

That's what a friend asked me today when I posted that I'm helping a friend host a Bucketlist Party and did they want to join me. It's next Wednesday, I said, and I'm getting a few friends together and create our own list of things we want to do before you die. Sounds a bit scary, but it's actually a lot of fun and can be quite powerful thinking about what's really important to you rather than what's most urgent.

Check out what a Bucketlist is here

My mate, Ben Coyle 'AKA the Cafe Guy', is facilitating the workshop as he is a fresh graduate of the Bucketlist School. Yes there is such a thing...My other mate, Trav Bell 'AKA The Bucketlist Guy, created a whole personal business around helping people tick off their dreams a few years ago.

Funny story, I met him when I was working at IBM. It was a few years before I started Social Star and he doesn't know it (and I would never admit it to him!) but he was part of the inspiration for leaving my corporate job to start my own business.

My main reason for leaving the corporate world was to spend more quality time with my young kids. But he was part of the motivation, proving to me that you can start a business based on your own personal brand, be successful, manage your own time and have way more fun!

Now I spend my time, helping other Corporate Escapees to free their time by starting their own businesses. I know, that for many people, starting their own business is top of their Bucketlist so very aligned with my values.

If you missed my back story, you can catch up by clicking on the photo below.

But enough about me, back to the Bucketlist story. I was chatting with Ben about his new focus on coaching people to action their bucketlist and I was keen to do one other their 3 hour workshops to get some perspective for 2019.

He suggested we run one together and here we are!

The format of the workshop is as follows...

"A Bucket List Board Party is a 3 hour group workshop where you'll learn, design & create your very own Bucket List Board.

Unlike a regular Vision Board, you'll incorporate the M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint(R) & take the Law of Attraction to an entirely new level. You'll leave with an inspirational, in-your-face reminder of your 'WHY'.

This is your chance to get creative, get visual and actively start designing your life. Gather your like-minded friends and book a Bucket List Board Party."

If you are thinking about your 2019 plans and want to have a fun few hours planning out some must do goals, join Ben and myself next Wednesday in Melbourne.

---------- Here is the link to join -----------

Hope to see you there!

Cheers Andrew

PS Yes there will be wine! (...and beer, snacks etc...)


Jordan D’Urbano, Director of Independent Closers Agency, joins us in this episode as we talk about his journey from starting as a coach, discovering his love for sales and then building his own business.

Andrew Ford, Social Star, BYOB+23.jpg

What is covered in this episode:

  • Jordan’s story of taking on his first paid job to building his own coaching business at 16 years old.

  • Andrew and Jordan share their personal experiences that encouraged them to build their own businesses.

  • The challenge he went through when he closed his first business, how this started his shift to sales and the experiences that led him to put up the Independent Closers agency.

  • The power of visualisation and how he applied this to his sales jobs and business.

  • The importance of choosing a business that fuels you.

  • Jordan’s tips for new business start-ups to help them succeed.

Links mentioned in the show:

Jordan D’Urbano Website

Jordan D’Urbano LinkedIn

Game of Sales Podcast


Andrew Ford, Social Star, BYOB +22.png

In this episode, Tracey Rojko, owner of The Philosopher’s Stone, joins me as we talk about her journey and business. We discuss how she helps people open their minds to alternative ways in managing their emotions and gives them the advice and tools they need.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Tracey shares her personal experience on her son’s night terrors and how this started her search for alternatives to manage his emotions

  • What is Reiki Healing and what you get from a healing session

  • The story and outcome of her son’s Reiki Healing session

  • Tracey’s life story from childhood, getting married, having children, working and escaping the corporate life to build her business

  • Andrew shares his story and how he relates to Tracey’s story and experiences

  • The future for her business and how she wants to help people

Links mentioned in the show:

The Philosopher’s Stones Website

Tracey Rojko LinkedIn

The Philosopher’s Stones Email - customercare@thephilosophersstone.co

#BYOB Episode 21 - Andrew Ford - Understanding Google and SEO is vital to your business a beginners guide

In this episode, we’re going to talk about the very important topic of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I will also touch on the topic of the Google universe at is it such an important part of the way you set up your business and the way people find you, particularly in Australia.


In this episode I cover:

Andrew Ford, Social Star, BYOB+21.jpg
  • The importance of winning the SEO search for your name specifically and how to do it

  • The difference between branding and digital marketing

  • How to have a strong presence for your name by having a personal website

  • The effect of SEO being geographically based when searching on search engines like Google

  • Discussion of the 5 main traits or primary source of SEO: URL, length of time, regular addition of content, having great and useful content for customers, number of site visitors

  • What Google looks at and why front page SEO is what counts nowadays

  • Sources for SEO tips

  • How having a Google+ profile, creating a Google business profile based on your Google+ profile and making sure you are on the map helps your business




Ebook from Social Star - SEO Myths You Should Know

e-ttraction media : How to get interviews - My interview on Talkers Business Radio

talkers fm interview with andrew ford


I was recently interviewed by JoAnna Ferrari on TalkersFM Radio to chat about Social Star and why I am so excited about the cool work our team is doing.

It’s been a big week of e-traction for us. I love that we are seeing the results of what we preach!

You can listen to the interview on SoundCloud or read the entire transcript below.

A big thank you to host Joanna Ferrari for the invite - it was great to speak with you about what we're doing to help our clients build their online presence.




#BYOB Episode 20 - Connor Gillivan: From his parents house to Freeup.com


Welcome to episode 20! Today I talk to Connor Gillivan who is the CMO of Freeeup.com. He is a young entrepreneur who has been successful in the internet space.

In this episode I cover:

  • Connor’s introduction about himself and the services of Freeup.com

  • His first entrepreneurial journey, what he studied in college and how he got into the digital space

  • The business partnership and agreement of FreeeUp’s owners and how they make it work

  • The transition from their Amazon business to opening Freeeup.com

  • Entrepreneurship as an assembly of quality assets and the different types of assets

  • Connor’s Book - Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies

  • What his parents think about his career

  • Connor’s opinion on how education affects future careers

  • Andrew’s story of wanting to work in business since he was young and his thoughts about the drive and challenges to succeed in business

  • Where Connor sees himself in the next 5 years

  • Examples of how the lack of building blocks and passion can dissolve or affect opportunities for businesses

  • Model of Andrew’s and Connor’s businesses and their staff members

  • The importance of time freedom

  • Connor’s advice to people who want to start an entrepreneurial journey


Links mentioned in the show:

Connor Gillivan LinkedIn

Connor Gillivan Website

Connor Gillivan Book - Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies

FreeeUp.com Website

FreeeUp Facebook Page

FreeeUp LinkedIn

FreeeUp Twitter

FreeeUp YouTube



In episode 19 I talk about all personal social media - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. I exclude LinkedIn which is our primary business tool while everything else is optional.

In this episode I cover:

  • Why Facebook is a very attractive proposition and why it is the new world TV system

  • Advertising in Facebook based on analytics

  • 3 Types of Facebooks and the information you need to put in each of these

  • Using Instagram for specific businesses and the need for amazing content to cut through

  • Twitter as an amazing mechanism but is only good for certain things

  • Why Snapchat is not relevant to the daily person and for a regular business

  • Making YouTube an important repository of your videos and how it contributes to SEO

  • How Pinterest helps drive traffic to your website and lead people to find your products


Links mentioned in the show:


The E-ttractionist Facebook

Social Star Facebook


#BYOB Episode 018 - Ben Carvosso: Taking pivots in your career and life and doing your life’s work.


Today on the podcast I talk to Ben Carvosso, a coach for business owners, about his coaching business, taking pivots in your career and life and doing your life’s work. 

In this episode I cover:

  • Work-Life Balance and why he doesn’t believe in it

  • Ben’s work and business journey and stories of his ups and downs

  • How he got clients in his chiropractic and radiology businesses by differentiating his businesses and services

  • How his personality and mindset drove the team in his chiropractic practice and vice versa

  • What drives Ben now that he doesn’t work with a team anymore

  • The importance of getting connected with purpose and mission

  • The interesting story of the start of his coaching business

  • Why we need to be attractive to others

  • How Ben came to do what he is doing now

  • Being Busy-less and getting your life’s worth

  • Helping clients with direction, purpose, and challenges

  • The process of working with people to navigate the turn they want

  • Andrew shares a story of his experience with taking a big turn in his life

  • The methodology of being a great CEO

  • The length and process of clients working with Ben

  • Ben’s thoughts on changing relationships

  • Making choices, taking responsibility and an amazing story about Ben impacting a client’s life

  • Excuses as a symptom of fear

  • Where is Ben now and his advice for people to do something different today

Listen to this episode and others here.

Links mentioned in the show:

Dr. Ben Carvosso Website

Andrew Ford LinkedIn Profile

Social Star Website


BYOB 17.png

On episode 17 I talk about my favorite social media, LinkedIn. We will talk about why LinkedIn is the best social media for aspiring entrepreneurs’ personal branding, how to use it and how to use it in conjunction with your other social media.

In this episode I cover:

  • How I discovered LinkedIn and realised its potential

  • What is LinkedIn and what it is not?

  • LinkedIn in the business context

  • How to build a great profile that represents your brand

  • First things that people look at in your profile and why

  • Three things to put in your banner

  • Engage and form trust using your biography

  • Talk about your business, products and services in the experience section

  • How and why all the parts of your profile should form a story about why you’re awesome at what you do today

  • Philosophical difference between branding and digital marketing

  • The people and clients you want to attract to your branded LinkedIn profiles

  • Two things you need to do to create engagement in LinkedIn


Links mentioned in the show:

My LinkedIn Profile

Social Star

#BYOB Episode 016 - Setting clear intentions for your career and business


On this episode I talk about Intentions - why they are a super important part of our process of setting our direction and achieving our goals. I also share information about how to set intentions, its impacts and what part of the 12-week process we use it for.

In this episode I cover:

  • Intentions, its difference from goals, and where it is used in the 12-step process

  • Documenting your intentions

  • How intentions work when you’ve set them

  • Example of how intentions work

  • Why you need to set intentions of what you want and where you want to be

  • Intentions are thoughts that should be acted upon

  • The 4 steps for intentions that you should follow

  • The state of flow and building from there

  • The consequence of not doing the fundamentals correctly

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#BYOB Episode 015 - Darren Taylor: The difference between a personal brand and a business brand


On this #BYOB episode we chat with Darren Taylor: author, speaker and CEO of Taylor and Grace, a medium sized agency that invents or re-invents brands for small and medium sized businesses.

Darren shares his story from being a regular employee and taking a marketing apprenticeship to building his own branding business. He highlights the importance of branding for a company, whether big or small, and how it can make a business successful.


What is covered in this episode:

  • Services of Taylor and Grace

  • The story of Darren’s previous jobs and education

  • How Darren took the path less traveled, made a career shift in marketing and eventually started his own business

  • His apprenticeship before starting Taylor and Grace

  • Why Darren started his own business instead of getting another job

  • His thoughts before he plunged into his entrepreneurship journey and how he prepared for it

  • Andrew’s story of how he left his job to start his own business

  • Darren’s business partner and how they decided to work on branding

  • The reason why a company’s message is more important than the mode or medium it is delivered in

  • How successful business branding for small and medium enterprises start

  • Philosophy of Taylor and Grace

  • Why a brand is important and why it is the first thing needed in building a company

  • Examples of how Taylor and Grace helped 2 clients improve and build their brands

  • The similarities and differences between company and personal branding

  • Darren’s Book “Rebranding Branding”, the awards he won for it, and why he wrote it

  • Advice to people starting a business

  • 4 ways a brand can touch customers


Links mentioned in the show:

Website - Taylor and Grace

Linked In - Taylor and Grace

Linked In - Darren Taylor

Book Website - Rebranding Branding