Andrew Ford - The e-ttractionist

"A force under the influence of which objects tend to move towards each other"

After a decade of leading the digital marketing strategies for some of the world's largest companies, Andrew turned his attention to discovering how people could best use social media and digital technologies to lead more fulfilling lives. Andrew has completed several business degrees, lectured at Australia's most prestigious Universities and worked for global corporations in international marketing roles. He is on the cutting edge of digital marketing and social media advising high profile celebrities and senior executives on personal branding and digital strategy. 

Andrew's difference is that he blends personal development with digital strategy in his unique e-ttraction methodology. Having grown up in an ultra hippy household in the 1970's, Andrew was introduced to personal development early in his life. Training in NLP and accelerated educational development since the age of 15 he has a unique perspective sitting on the line between corporate consultant and personal development coach. The balance of these two seemingly different paths is what impresses his clients and audiences alike.

Andrew Ford the ettractionist

Digital Attraction = e-ttraction™

Also wanted to thank you for all the help you have provided over recent years – it has made a huge difference and I really appreciate your advice.
— Lisa Middleton, Advanced Sports Dietitian
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Keynote Speaker

Well known and respected in the industry, Andrew is the strategies behind many high profile brands. He splits his time between helping business people build their personal brands at his Melbourne based agency Social Star and presenting to business audiences.

Don't miss out on providing your teams with a unique perspective on how to achieve maximum attractiveness to your clients, colleagues and partners.  Click below to talk to Andrew how he can make your business and staff more e-ttractive. 

I heard that is was great, loads of people dialled in and found it really useful! Thanks
— Vanessa Bisogni, ANZ Bank

Business Coach

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Andrew Ford, is known as 'the e-ttractionist', helping people become more e-ttractive online.  He is also a proud dad, blogger, keynote speaker, published author, business consultant and entrepreneur. 

Andrew specialises in helping business people maximise their personal brand. His unique method combines personal development and digital marketing to help you attract more opportunities for yourself and your business.  

With a natural gift for reading people and long experience in digital marketing, Andrew leverages the latest marketing techniques to create Powerful Brands for clients to attract the opportunities they desire. Specifically focussing on helping individuals get better jobs and businesses achieve more referrals using LinkedIn, websites and smart content management.

Andrew consults with clients to Understand, Build and Leverage their personal brands. He doesn't just provide strong strategic advice, he also builds the essential digital assets in his five step process: photography, tag lines, biographies, social media and websites. Then he teaches you how to leverage these assets for maximum benefit. 

Andrew developed the philosophy that if you follow your passion and authenticity, you will naturally attract opportunities and success. Andrew has worked with many people from celebrities, business leaders, professionals and clinicians to achieve their full potential.

For the past five years, Andrew has been on a quest to maximise his freedom. The goal is to stop working for a per hour wage and leverage your knowledge for time and financial freedom. Join his quest and keep up with his journey by clicking the Join Me button below.

Don’t know what you did when I caught up for that chat for 2 hours. Best $500 or whatever it was that I spent. Seems I’ve more clarity and now see and sell myself as a product in high demand. Will start reading the book that arrived. Bit worried it might have a similar effect. Thanks Andrew!

— Edwin Reese - Entrepreneur

Social Star University

Want to get to the next level in your career or explore starting your own business? Take our 12 week online program and learn how.

Our unique e-ttraction™ methodology is designed to help you better Understand how to articulate your personal brand, Build an effective online profile on LinkedIn, social media and websites, and Leverage your network to attract more opportunities.

There are three courses available. Career Boost, to help you attract the ultimate job to suit you.

 Launch a Business, if you want to explore starting your own business or if you already have a business but want to learn how to utilise your personal brand better. 

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“I feel so much clearer since our branding session a while ago and it’s helped me really position the work I do in the career coaching space.”

— Emmy Petersson - Transition Coach

Creating a Powerful Brand

'It's not just business, it's personal'

Powerful Brands attract more opportunities, are more profitable and have longer lasting value. With social media now ingrained in our society, branding applies equally to people as it does to companies and products. For years Andrew has worked in large corporations to build their brands and he now choose to work with you.

If you’re a student, entrepreneur, small business owner, celebrity, high profile businessperson or a manager at a large business – Andrew can help. The theory and strategies of Powerful Branding are universal as we all have similarities.

Andrew truly believes his work can help you create more fulfilling career, a happier life and in some small way make the world a better place.  That’s why he spent 18 months writing this book; to share his experiences and learnings with as many people as possible. Thus if you do buy a copy please do read it, absorb the contents and then pass it onto someone you think needs to find their path again.

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#BYOB podcast

Build Your Own Business #BYOB with Andrew Ford from Social Star

Build Your Own Business #BYOB with Andrew Ford from Social Star

Andrew Ford is a corporate escapee turned entrepreneur. After years working in large global businesses and assembling a mountain of knowledge in the digital, marketing and branding areas, he decided to follow his heart and launch his own consulting business Social Star.

Now he helps other successful corporate employees develop their own passion businesses using his e-ttraction model of marketing. In the Build Your Own Business show, Andrew interviews ordinary people who have left a job they hate to run a business they love. What worked, what didn't and the nitty gritty details of how to start a business based on your knowledge and passion.

Check out all the episodes on iTunes here.

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Better Body 12 Weeks

Build a Better Body for working dads

Build a Better Body for working dads

Apart from running a successful consulting business, Andrew is a single dad of two young boys.  He prides himself on keeping fit to maximise his business performance, set a good example for his boys and be able to keep up with their sporting passions. 

Andrew began his sporting career in an unusual way. He was raised by a single mother with hippy ideals – something that exposed him to a diverse variety of ideas and lifestyles. Vegetarianism, growing your own food, yoga, eastern philosophy, and alternative medicine were all part of his childhood experience. This might be hipster cool now, but growing up in suburban Melbourne in the 1980’s, this was quite strange!

Andrew wasn’t allowed to compete in traditional sports like football and cricket and instead, he expressed his sporting ability in martial arts. Studying Judo, attaining a black belt in Karate and full contact Maui Thai honed his training and commitment to fitness. 

This is not a short cut to massive arms or rock hard abs. It’s simple and effective advice from one dad to another. A better life through good health is the primary outcome. Download free. 

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