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Had 'Mondayitis', 'Humpday' or said 'ThankGodIt'sFriday' then read on...

Working for someone else has it's benefits, stable pay, regular holidays and you can leave the stress at the office. don't have one thing that matters most. Control of your time.

Are you able to...

- Leave the office when you feel like it?

- Work with people who lift you up and inspire you?

- Do the type of work that fulfils you and makes you jump out of bed each day?

If the answer is no, perhaps it's time to consider a change.

Change is scary, but let's face the facts. The days of secure and long-term employment are behind us.

Over 50% of the workforce in the USA is contingent, (contracted not employed), and the trend is escalating in Australia. You are only one restructure away from being retrenched or 'downsized'. Artificial Intelligence, robotics and outsoucing job overseas is increasing dramatically.

So what's the alternative?

Be Your Own Boss 

What does freedom look like? It looks like being your own boss. You can still be employed but the difference is you are in control of your career, not your company.

What does freedom look like?

...freedom to see your kids when you want too

...freedom to work with people who share your values

...freedom to do the work you enjoy the most

In reality, we are all independent consultants selling our services for a price; it doesn't really matter if it's for one company (job) or many (business owner). The result is the same, you get paid for the level of value you add to the businesses you serve. However, one big difference is the control of your time.

Building your personal brand is the best investment you can make in your career.

How do you answer the question - "What do you do?" 

If you answer with your job title, how will you progress? How will someone see your full value?

Understanding your core value proposition and developing quality online branding assets around your value is the path to Being Your Own Boss, controlling your career and having freedom of time. 

But how?

After working with hundreds of corporate workers seeking more from their career, we developed a unique 12 step system to create your time freedom.

We call this system...e-ttraction = digital attraction.

The first step in the process is to understand what your compelling value proposition is and how to articulate it clearly. Your personal pitch.

On Monday, May 28th 6:30pm in Melbourne, I will be running a Pitch workshop to help you start the e-ttraction journey. Click here to see the details.

My mission is to empower everyone to follow their passion and work in a career they love. Each week I will be sharing parts of this method and examples of how it can benefit you so follow the journey with me to get ownership of your time.

Andrew Ford

The e-ttractionist

#BYOB Episode 010 - Elphie Coyle: Creating a team around your personality is essential to start up success


Elphie Coyle is master at knowing his strengths and how to build a team around his weaknesses. Hear his journey to entrepreneurship and how his particular background and style is reflected in all his businesses.

We discuss how he uses 7 freedom areas as his guiding principles in life and business and the impact owning a computer at the age of 7 kicked off of his entrepreneurial journey. 

Listen as we dive deep into the mind game that is entrepreneurship and how choosing to work allowed him to escape a self-imposed freedom trap.  He shares how his relationship with money has changed, mentors that have shaped his thinking, the importance of knowing your numbers and what it took for him personally and professionally to come back from the brink of losing everything.  

"Make Devine love with the moment, whilst building towards the best and preparing for the worst"
Elphie Coyle

#BYOB Episode 009 - Knowing your personality and how it influences your role in a start-up


Last week we looked at values -  the core foundation drivers of your business that you have to match to your business in order to persist.  Persistence is the thing that gets your 1%.

This week we look at personality and how to design a business based on your personality. Knowing your personality allows you to know the best way you should be in your business, your best role within the business, what team do you need to fill in the gaps and how best to go to market. 

It is important to understand your personality so you know what strengths you have so you can focus on them. Just as important is knowing what you are not good at so you can hire people that are naturally good at those skills ot balance it up.

There are many personality tests on the market but the one we found most valuable was Roger Hamilton's Wealth Dynamics which gives you a detailed and easy to understand entrepreneur profile.   Understanding what kind of Wealth Dynamic profile you are, makes it a lot easier to accept and understand why you are not good at particular things and what work you are most likely to enjoy and thus succeed at.

The challenge with building a personal brand is knowing how to represent your personality online through words and pictures.  

To determine this, we ask our clients two key questions:

  1.  What is the level of formality of your industry – the way that people would perceive you. 
  2. Your level of openness – how much of your personal life do you want to share online.  Keep in mind that often you need to sketch outside your comfort zone in sharing you values and stories to attract people customers that share the same values and want to do business with you.

Answering those questions based on a 1 to 10 scale allows us to map out exactly how to position your brand online and in social media.  Remember there are three brands in every business – people, business and products and when starting out your personal brand is often the only one visible and thus the most important.

I encourage you to take action from today's episode by first visiting Social Star University and check out Understanding your Personality course and then reviewing  Roger Hamilton's Wealth Dynamics

Next week we will look at life stages and where you are before we look at the final stage of resources.  

#BYOB Episode 008 - Following your values isn't always easy


Rohan Kopfler is a man following his own path. From high school teacher to entrepreneur, hear how he made his mark in his industry doing it his way. 

As the owner of East Coast Kayaking, Rohan got started by purchasing an existing business rather than starting from scratch. We discuss how he has expanded his business by creating additional revenue streams through an online store, and how he has harnessed the power of video to make personal connections with his customers.

Learn how Rohan cleverly accessed mentors around him to help him successfully face the inevitable challenges that arise when building a small business and why it is so crucial to be yourself, work hard and do what you love for a life and business on your terms.

#BYOB Episode 007 - Core Values: the foundation of your brand and business


The concept of values is as old as Greek philosophy but we are not talking about right and wrong. More the core areas of life that determine how we spend our time, money and energy.

There are seven that we explore and how they influence the choice of customers we engage and business we operate to be truly fulfilled.

Values can help you to identify the difference being wanting and putting in the effort to get that success.  Perhaps you want a million dollar business but are you willing to work 80 hours a week for a long time to get it? 

By ranking your values it can help to structure a business that will work for you.   Business owners fail because often they are working towards other people's values and not their own.  If you values aren't aligned to your business, it will fail. 

You have to 'find the juice to get the squeeze' – what gives you the joy in your business. 

Once you understand your values it also help you to identify how you work and the target market to focus on, and focus is everything when it comes to a successful business.  

#BYOB Episode 006 - Yana Martens: Learn to pose in front of a camera from a Russian model and entrepreneur

Yana Martens has combined her psychology studies and modelling experience to create a business on her terms. She understands both sides of the camera and now helps photographers and those in front of the camera to get the images they want in her Posing People Workshops and mentoring.

It is said you only have 4-8 seconds to make a first impression, especially with your photos.  We discuss techniques to get images that help to reflect your personal brand and capture the essence of your why. Plus, we learn how to take the perfect selfie!

We chat about her journey as a start-up entrepreneur and the current challenges she is facing in scaling her workshop business.   Knowing the balance between doing things yourself in start up mode and when is the right time to outsource. We also cover why systems and processes are critical when wanting to grow your business and the security of having other forms of income when starting out.

You can contact Yana on FacebookWebsite or Email:

#BYOB Episode 005 - Taruni Falconer: Life traveler discovers her passion

Taruni Falconer created her own business from a young age and has traveled the world doing what she loves. During our conversation we explore the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and business ownership.

We discussed the importance of self awareness and learning leadership through the living and working with discomfort until you are comfortable. What frustrations you can expect to during transition points in your life and the need to practice listening to your intuition so you can access it through times of distress on your entrepreneurial journey.

We also talk about the impact accountability groups have had on Taruni's career and how creating an annual theme allows for greater clarity for her business development activities.  Remember to take time to celebrate the small wins and reflect on the transformations you make as a business owner.

#BYOB Episode 004 - Hank Vander Zee: From Brick laying to being an entrepreneur

On episode 004 of #BYOB I talk with Hank Vander Zee who has been a bricklayer for 20 years but is now transforming his life with a new business, Exclusive Entrepreneurs. He is helping people to grow a business through their thoughts and ideas, rather than their hands and labour.

Hank talks about the pitfalls of having a business in the construction industry and what drove him at do business differently at the age of 60. We talk about how he has successfully built a business within 90 days through mutli-level network marketing and why that business model often gets a bad rap.  Hank is passionate about his products and it shows in his work with a 90% conversion rate!

Business Essentials - The power of audio in your brand

Personal Branding which made me think about the leverage audio can have in your personal brand.

I get contacted to do podcasts quite often and enjoy doing them so was happy to share some knowledge and made a time to head out to their Hawthorn studios here in Melbourne.

On arrival, with my son in tow, as it was during school holidays, I was impressed with their full sound booth and gigantic mixing desk. I realised it wasn't like my podcast which is a Skype interview or in my meeting room in the office recorded on my laptop. This was professional!