Podcast Interview with James McCracken - Mortgage Broker expert

Always great chatting to experts in their industry, especially on their Podcasts. James McCracken specialises in helping mortgage brokers build a strong business and realises the importance of branding to establish trust. We have some great debates about our methods!

What is a Key Person of Influence? More importantly, how do you become one?

A Key Person of Influence (KPI) is the go-to person in an industry. You know the types, they get the first bite of the good deals, seem to make money easily, turns down deals not suitable for them and are the leaders in their field. Sounds great right! I'm sure most business people out there would love to be a KPI in their industry.

Authentic personal branding with David Draiman from Disturbed

If you don't follow music trends or have been living in Melbourne and waiting on NBN to reach your house (thus no internet for a few years) you might not have heard of the Disturbed version of 'The Sound of Silence'. This Simon and Garfunkel classic from 1964 was recently rebooted by metal band to critical and public acclaim. In fact, it's been their biggest hit to date and opened up their music to a whole new generation. Not bad for a cover of an old soppy song.

5 ways to dominate Google for your personal brand

Getting on the front page of Google is essential for business. But did you know that if you are a business Professional such as a Physio, Chiro, Lawyer, Accountant your name is what you need to be found in Google. Clients refer you by name to their friends and you need to be found when they search in Google, because they will! Learn my top 5 ways to get your name on top of Google.